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What Constitutes A Healthy Snack Food?

Healthy snack foods are foods that provide maximum nutrition to the body, while using the least amount of energy to digest, making the full nutritional content readily available to the body. Foods that give the body the highest amount of nutrition tend to be raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, dairy and small amounts of white meat.

Healthy snack foods do not contain chemical additives or other components the body needs to sift through and sort out during the digestive process. Raw vegetables are ideal as they also provide roughage that assists in the elimination of unwanted waste products that get stuck in the colon.

Raw Vegetables

Dark green vegetables are the richest in antioxidants, chlorophyll and vitamins/minerals necessary for cell function. If the body lacks the energy required to promote healthy cell function, then there will be no ability for that body to burn off fat. Since vitamin C is a very big helper in burning off body fat, fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C are the best to choose for weight-loss.

For those diet and health-conscious people who cringe at the thought of eating raw green vegetables, there are many high-quality products such as liquid chlorophyll, super-green algae and spirulina products that can be obtained from health food stores in a form that is palatable and easy to consume and digest. Many super-green food enthusiasts also insist that adding these dark green powders to the diet add so many more minerals and helpful anti-oxidating components that increased energy is the natural by-product in addition to weight loss and an increase in energy and vibrancy.

Vitamin B and Calcium

Foods that help in weight-loss tend to be the foods that contain vitamins the body needs to properly burn fat. These healthy snack foods will be ones containing the full-spectrum of B vitamins, vitamin D and calcium. B vitamins are broadly distributed all across the food spectrum and tend to be heavily concentrated in protein delivering foods such as fishyogurts, and root crops like yams and potatoes.

For the best absorption of vitamin D in the body the advice is to go out into the sun for a minimum of 15 minutes two to three times per week while exposing as much skin to the sun as possible. The body produces it’s own vitamin D however it is required to have sunlight to activate it so it can be used by your body.

Calcium is concentrated in dairy products and other foods that promote bone health much in the same way vitamin C containing foods do. For healthy bones and to promote the absorption of calcium into the body, vitamin C needs to present in the diet. Dark green leafy vegetables also contain high amounts of vitamin C, broccoli being one of the highest.

Healthy snack foods deliver the nutrients the body needs to function properly every day. If your diet is loaded with sugars, oil and fats, chances are you often feel sluggish and tired. Weight gain is common in diets rich with these unhelpful elements.