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The Best Healthy Snack Food To Help You Lose Weight

The ideal, healthy snack foods are the ones acquired from natural fiber. Commercially available snack food items like candies, cookies and chips have an increased fat content, as well as sugary ingredients, which lead to weight gain in people. Small portions of snack items, which have a lower calories value, are good for fulfilling the urge to eat in the time duration between two meals, helping people to reduce their weight much easily. Following are some healthy snack foods that people can consume easily when trying to shed a few pounds:

plain popcorn healthy snack

Popcorn: Plain popcorn is counted among healthy snacks, only if it is not covered in salt and butter. Made of natural corn, popcorns are high in nutrition, and do not add to the calorie count significantly. The best way to make popcorn is to air-pop it, but popping it in a pan with any monounsaturated oil, such as olive or canola, is also a healthy option. Before purchasing the microwavable popcorn brands, people must ensure that they do not have high fat or sodium content.

Dry Fruits: Dry fruits, especially nuts, are rich sources of monounsaturated fats. These fats help in reducing the cholesterol levels of the body, both in terms of totality and LDL. They also help in the prevention and cleansing the arteries from plaque buildup. Studies suggest that nuts are enriched with protein, helping people curb their appetite easily. They also contain increased amounts of fiber and magnesium, as well as vitamin E, considered to be a good antioxidant.

Sunflower seeds: Seeds collected from sunflower comprise most of the nutritive elements that are also present in dry fruits. The recommended method of consuming these seeds if to opt for seeds, which are without or low in salt, as adding salt can reduce the nutrition of these healthy snack foods.

Butter made from peanut and other nuts: Butter, which is made from peanut and other types of nuts, is enriched with protein. The presence of protein helps people satisfy their hunger pangs in the time duration between two meals. Peanut butter can be consumed as it is, or as a complementary savory to other healthy snack foods like fibrous fruit, fruity smoothies or crackers. While peanut butter is a healthy food item, it also contains an incredible amount of calories, and should not be consumed in large quantities.

Smoothies made of fruit: Smoothies made of different fruits are counted among the top healthy snack items. They are so high in nutritional value that they can easily be swapped with daily meals. In general, a smoothie might have around 600 calories, which is equivalent to a number of healthy foods consumed during mealtimes. Smoothies are a good choice to make because they keep people feeling full for a considerable amount of time.

Smoothies can easily be made at home by blending in any fruits with peanut butter and yogurt. They can also be enjoyed at any café or juice shop, which specializes in them. To make smoothies richer in protein, experts suggest adding a little bit of powdered whey. One thing that people should be careful of, however, is that these otherwise healthy snack foods contain fructose, a type of sugar found in fruits, which can be a cause of surplus weight if not burned during workouts.