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Five Healthy Snack Foods You Can Prepare Under 5 Minutes

Eating healthy snack foods doesn’t have to be time-consuming, boring or expensive. Some of the best healthy snack foods are delicious, inexpensive or easy to prepare.

1. Greek yoghurt is higher in protein than most types of yoghurt and most brands contain live cultures. The high-protein content means you’ll stay full longer and take in fewer calories throughout the day. Adequate protein intake is important for a healthy diet. Live active cultures create a healthy balance of “good” bacteria in the intestines, so you’ll have better digestive health and a stronger immune system. Pair it with blueberries for a healthy dose of disease-fighting antioxidants, and mix in a dollop of locally-produced honey for allergy-fighting sweetness.


2. An apple a day really does keep the doctor away. To make one of the best healthy snack foods in minutes, slice your favorite variety of apple into wedges and arrange them on a plate around a small bowl or ramekin of peanut butter. Spread a dab of peanut butter onto each slice for a hearty, nutrient-rich, fiber-filled snack that will leave you satisfied till your next meal. Although peanut butter is relatively fattening, you won’t need much of it to punch up the flavor of naturally sweet apple slices. Sprinkle with cinnamon to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.


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3. Pair nutrient-rich sliced bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers or other tasty veggies with a healthy dip. Hummus is a great-tasting, high-fiber option that helps keep blood sugar levels in check. Traditional or Greek yogurt-based dips are low in fat and have a similar texture to more fattening traditional chip dips. Substitute yogurt for sour cream in dip recipes, or try a commercially-prepared version with dill, onion or other yummy flavors.


4. Melba toast, rye crackers and various types of crispbreads are low in calories and generally high in fiber, making them ideal healthy snack foods. Crispbreads and high-fiber crackers offer crunch, texture and rich flavor. Top them with low-fat Swiss cheese or low-calorie mini cheese wedges, a dab of mustard and an optional infection-fighting red onion slice.


5. Make your own snack mix in minutes. Toss sesame sticks, almonds and sunflower seeds into a bowl. Mist the mix with olive oil or sesame oil and coat lightly with turmeric. The nuts and seeds provide vitamin E, fiber, B vitamins and a number of minerals and other nutrients. Turmeric is a powerful disease fighter used for centuries in various cultures. This quick, savory treat is not only delicious; it’s also one of the best healthy snack foods you can make in under five minutes.


Healthy eating can — and should — extend to snack time. Whip up these quick and tasty treats in no time flat when you or your family want something sweet or savory. You’re sure to find something to please everyone, so you’ll have no problem getting them to eat healthy snack foods.