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Many people are trying to eat healthier or would like to make sure that their children are eating healthy. You prepare meals that are well balanced to ensure that everyone is getting the proper nutrients. You also look for healthy snack foods to help fill the void between meals, but what you may not know is that some of those snacks are not as healthy as we believe them to be. Here is a list of some snacks that you may think are healthy but are truly not.

1. Frozen Yogurt

You would think that frozen yogurt is good for you. It does contain cultures that are good for your intestines and immune system, but don’t be fooled. Some of the frozen yogurt that is produced does not contain these cultures therefore taking out the healthy part of it.


2. Granola Bars

With all of the nuts, grains, and seeds that are contained in granola bars, you would have to believe that they are good for you. The truth is, they are not. Most of the granola bars are either coated in chocolateor are filled with chocolate chips therefore taking away from the goodness of it.

3. Fruit Snacks

You will be led to believe that these tasty little sacks contain fruit, but in all actuality, they do not contain real fruit. They contain fruit juice concentrate which is basically the sugars within the fruit and taking out the nutrients of the fruit.

4. Trail Mix

You would think that a mix of dried fruits and nuts would be good for you, but again, this is not the case. The nuts are usually salted and the fruit, which has a wonderful taste in themselves, are sweetenedand usually filled with preservatives. The mix will usually also contain chocolates which are not a healthy snack.

5. Fruit Smoothies

The nutrition should be in the name right? Wrong. While you may think that a fruit smoothy would be good for you, it’s made of fruit, what could be bad about that? The unhealthy side of a smoothy is all of the extras that are put into it. Once the yogurt, ice cream, or other additions are added to the fruit, the sugars and fats have taken over and turned this healthy looking snack into an unhealthy one.

So the next time you are out shopping and are looking for a healthy snack for the family, pay close attention to the labels. You may be surprised to find the foods that you once thought were healthy may not be so healthy.